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This activity is located on: Oahu Island

Sea Life Park - General Admission


Experience exotic sea creatures at Sea Life Park Oahu.

Sea Life Park Oahu

Sea Life Park Oahu

Sea Life Park Oahu - sting ray

Sea Life Park Oahu - sting ray

Sea Life Park Oahu Map

Sea Life Park Oahu Map

Sea Life Park Oahu - Dolphins

Sea Life Park Oahu - Dolphins


When you buy a ticket for one day, you get to see all the shows and exhibits for that day. Seal Life Park has been awarded one of Hawaii's Best Attractions! You can now meet some new members of the family, the rescue sea lions. You can also feed the birds in the aviary, visit the Discovery Reef Touch Pool to see baby turtles and feed the fish, take a tour of the facility, and watch the sharks get fed. All of this is included in your ticket when you buy it online!


  • Dolphins
  • Sea Lions
  • Exotic Birds
  • Sharks
  • Sting Rays
  • Sea Turtles
  • Feed the Fish
  • And more!

Activity Times:

All Day - 10:15am to 3:30pm

Activity Duration:

5.25 Hours

Upgrade Options:

No upgrades available

What’s Included?

  • Includes one iced-bottled water per person
  • Narrated, convenient luxury round-trip transportation
  • Tickets to the Battleship Missouri
  • Tickets for the USS Bowfin Submarine
  • Admission to Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum
  • 10% discount on meal at Aviation Museum’s Laniakea Café



Experience the best sea life park in the state.

Know before you book:

    No tips available

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