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Our Fleet

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Our Fleet

Our Guides

  • Must possess a solid understanding of Hawaiian history and know their way around Oahu.
  • Knowledge and understanding of proper usage of the Hawaiian language
  • Friendly and personable, clean and well-presented
  • Weekly cultural training with different areas of focus from a state-certified staff
  • Access to community resources for deeper training and certifications
  • Ongoing monthly group and individual training and employee bonding and sharing. The group setting allows peers to learn from each other as well as our team instructor, who is state-certified in the History & Culture of Hawaii program and is sensitive to Hawaiian beliefs and customs. Individual training encourages educational and cultural growth without judgment
  • Focus on the small-group experience
  • Fly Shuttle’s unique, culturally- based experiences differ from all other “cookie-cutter tours.” We strive to provide our guests something authentic and fun while incorporating historic and educational values


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